Rice University

Shared Equipment Authority


Microscope: Zeiss Axioplan2

This upright motorized microscope is capable in taking routine brightfield,  DIC and fluorescence microscopy. This microscope is equipped with Photometric Cool SNAP HQ (monochrome) and CF (color) CCD camera.

MetaMorph (ver 7.7)  Imaging software is available  for taking images and to control the motorized microscope system  including objectives, filters and for Z-series collection. It has varies of modules for post-captured image processing and analysis including a simple deconvolution module.

Microscope: Zeiss Axioskop

This upright microscope is capable in taking both routine brightfield and fluorescence microscopy. The microscope is equipped with Zeiss AxioCam MRc 5 color camera (5MP, 32-bit RGB) and AxioVison Imaging software.

All objective lenses are Zeiss Plan-NEOFLUAR. They include: 10X dry, NA 0.3 Ph1; 20X dry, NA 0.5 Ph2 DIC; 40X dry NA 0.75 Ph2 DIC;  63X Oil, NA 1.25 Ph3 DIC; 100X Oil NA 1.30 DIC.

Reflector Slider consist of filters for  Green, Red, DAPI, YFP fluorescence channels and also DIC/Phase.

Microscope: Zeiss LSM 710 Confocal

The Inverted Confocal microscope system is based on Axio Observer Z1 MOT.

More specifications include:

-    6 lasers lines (405, 458, 488, 514, 543 and 633 nm).

-    PMT detector for fluorescence and transmitted/DIC light

-    Transmitted light and X-Cite fluorescence Illuminator.

-    Two galvanometric scanning confocal heads (for DIC/Phase Contrast and Fluorescence imaging).

-    Motorized stage 130x85 for x,y,z movement.

-    Master pinhole.