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Centrifuge: BC Avanti J-HC

As of Dec 1, 2015, all appointments must be made using FOM. This site's calendar is no longer in use.

The Avanti J-HC High Capacity Centrifuge provides you with a complete solution for batch bioprocessing. A maximum of 9 Liters can be spun at speeds of 5,000 rpm and 7,480 x g for greater sample throughput. This allows processing of up to 36 Liters per hour when harvesting bacteria. Set temperature range: -10°C to 40°C

Rotors available: JS-5.0 – Swinging bucket, Maximum speed = 5,000 rpm (7,480 x g), Holds 4 x 2.25L buckets

Excella E25 Incubator Shaker A

Large-capacity, console shaker with incubation for flasks up to 6 L.   Available incubation temperatures range from 4 to 60 C.  30\ x 18\" plate form shakes at an orbital diameter of 1'' with speeds between  50 and 400 rpm." This instrument does not use calendar scheduling, and does not have a fee. You must coordinate use with the McNew lab.