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Shared Equipment Authority


Excella E25 Incubator Shaker A

Large-capacity, console shaker with incubation for flasks up to 6 L.   Available incubation temperatures range from 4 to 60 C.  30\ x 18\" plate form shakes at an orbital diameter of 1'' with speeds between  50 and 400 rpm." This instrument does not use calendar scheduling, and does not have a fee. You must coordinate use with the McNew lab.

LAS 4000 Imager

As of Dec 1, 2015, all appointments must be made using FOM. This site's calendar is no longer in use.

The LAS-4000 is an image analysis system that can detect chemiluminescence, bioluminescence and fluorescence with cooled CCD camera using a 3.2 megapixel super CCD. The exposure time ranges from 1/100 sec to 2 hours. It has a dynamic range of up to four orders of magnitude. It is regularly used to take images of Western blots and SDS PAGE gels and it can also detect GFP and EtBr signal.