Rice University

Shared Equipment Authority


Centrifuge: BC Optima L-80XP Ultracentrifuge

Beckman-Coulter Optima L-80 XP Preparatory Ultracentrifuge (BSI414) is capable of generating 602,000 x g at speeds up to 80,000 rpm. 

Rotors available include Type 70Ti, Type 45Ti fixed, and SW-60Ti, SW-55Ti, SW-41Ti, and SW-28 Swinging Bucket style. 

NOTE: The rotor type number indicates the Max Operating Speed times 1000. Refer to Ultracentrifuge Rotor info sheets in the SEA Log Book for further details.

Centrifuge: Sorvall Ultracentrifuge 100SE

Sorvall Discovery 100 SE Ultracentrifuge is capable of generating 802,006 x g at speeds up to 90,000 rpm.  It is most used for making SWNT decants or for SWNT separations.

There are five different rotors available including T-1250 (50,000 rpm), A-621 (21,000 rpm), T-890 (90,000 rpm), AH-629 (29,000 rpm), and SW41Ti (41,000 rpm).

Users: Please record on the Log the rotor type that was used for each sample run.

NOTE:You must provide your own centrifuge tubes.