Rice University

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Mass Spectrometers

MS: Shimadzu IT-ToF LC-MS System

The IT-ToF is equipped with both ESI (Electrospray Ionization) and APCI (Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization) sources. The IT-ToF is a hybrid ion trap-time of flight (ToF) mass spectrometer capable of performing MS/MS experiments and making accurate mass measurements (mass resolving power is ~ 10,000 @ m/z 1000).

MS: Bruker MicroToF ESI LC-MS System

This MicroToF is equipped with an ESI source and is interfaced with an Agilent 1200 HPLC system. This instrument is capable of performing analysis of synthetic compounds (ie. small molecules, synthetic peptides etc.) and biomolecules (ie. natural products, metabolites, peptides, proteins, oilgonucleotides, etc.) that are purified off line and then introduced into the system via flow injection analysis. This instrument is primarily used to obtain molecular weight information on synthetic products. The MicroToF is an open access system.

MS: Bruker Autoflex MALDI ToF

The Autoflex is equipped with a MALDI (Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization) source. For masses below 5000 Da the instrument provides unit resolution when operated in the reflection mode. When operated in the linear mode the Autoflex has an upper mass range of 100 KDa. The instrument is capable of performing analysis of synthetic polymers, although the primary application of this instrument is to biomolecules (i.e. peptides, intact proteins, oligonucleotides, etc.).