Rice University

Shared Equipment Authority


Microscope: Zeiss Axioskop

This upright microscope is capable in taking both routine brightfield and fluorescence microscopy. The microscope is equipped with Zeiss AxioCam MRc 5 color camera (5MP, 32-bit RGB) and AxioVison Imaging software.

All objective lenses are Zeiss Plan-NEOFLUAR. They include: 10X dry, NA 0.3 Ph1; 20X dry, NA 0.5 Ph2 DIC; 40X dry NA 0.75 Ph2 DIC;  63X Oil, NA 1.25 Ph3 DIC; 100X Oil NA 1.30 DIC.

Reflector Slider consist of filters for  Green, Red, DAPI, YFP fluorescence channels and also DIC/Phase.

Microscope: Zeiss LSM 710 Confocal

The Inverted Confocal microscope system is based on Axio Observer Z1 MOT.

More specifications include:

-    6 lasers lines (405, 458, 488, 514, 543 and 633 nm).

-    PMT detector for fluorescence and transmitted/DIC light

-    Transmitted light and X-Cite fluorescence Illuminator.

-    Two galvanometric scanning confocal heads (for DIC/Phase Contrast and Fluorescence imaging).

-    Motorized stage 130x85 for x,y,z movement.

-    Master pinhole.