Rice University

Shared Equipment Authority


ARES G2 Rheometer

The TA Instruments ARES G2 Rheometer is capable of quantifying the rheological and mechanical properties of a broad class of materials, including viscous liquids, viscoelastic materials, and solid samples. Rheological and mechanical analysis can be carried out with temperature control (from -150 C to 600 C) and in a variety of geometries including parallel plate and rheological measurements at a liquid/liquid or gas/liquid interface.

Testing modes include oscillatory (strain and frequency sweeps), creep and recovery, and transient stress relaxation measurements.

3D Printer: Full color 3D printer

The 3D Systems Projet 660 Pro full color 3D printer uses a powder bed and color ink print head plaster based method to print full color modeling with moderate (600dpi within a layer) color resolution and about 250 layers per inch. Models can be printed in few hours, and the models are tough enough to be handled and explored tactically (but not dropped).