Rice University

Shared Equipment Authority


XRD: Quantum Design MPMS SQUID System


The Magnetic Property Measuring System (MPMS) System is fitted with a Superconducting Quantum Interference Device (SQUID) attachment (SEA #412) for measuring the dynamic effect of samples in a strong DC magnetic field, which is operator selectable and adjustable.  This magnet field is produced by  two superconducting magnets submerged in a dewar of liquid Helium (He4).  Each sample is translated through two magnetic fields with opposit polarity while the detector measures various change effects. 

Costech Elemental Combustion System

Cosctech Nitrogen/Protein Analyzer; Model 4010 (SEA 430) is designed for advanced CHNSO analysis and nitrogen/protein determination.  Equiped with two furnaces; a combustion furnace is up to 1100'C and the reduction furnace temperature of 800'C. The conbustion gases are separated by gas chromatography for CHNSO analysis.  The Windows 7 based EAS32 software package will control the instrument, acquire data, and generate reports.  It is necessary to have a Rice Email account (ADRICE) and password to access this instrument.