Rice University

Shared Equipment Authority

Optical Microscopes

Microscope: Nikon A1-Rsi Confocal

Nikon A1-Rsi is a confocal system equipped with a unique hybrid confocal scan head with 5 highly sensitive PMT (4-fluorescences and 1-transmitted light) detectors and a 32-channel PMT spectral detector for 400-750nm bandwith. The system allows increased light detection efficiency and has a standard high-resolution confocal galvano mode (up to 4096 x 4096 pixels) as well as a high speed resonant mode capable of scanning 420 fps at 512 x 32 pixels (30fps at 512x512 pixels).

Imaging Software: NIS Element PC Off-line

The full version of Nikon NIS-Element C software for image processing and analysis (including 2D/3D cell tracker) except microscope controller. It works for any TIFF files exported from other platforms such as Zeiss (Zen, AxioImager & LSM), Olympus and Leica.

Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, NIH Image J and FIJI are also installed in the system.

The Desktop based on Dell Precision T3600 with Windows professional 64-bit using Four Core XEON 3.6 GHz and 16GB DDR3 RAM. It has Dual 1GB AMD Video Card and a total of 2 GB RAID HD and 30" HD monitor (2560x1600 pixels)."

Microscope: Zeiss Axioplan2

This upright motorized microscope is capable in taking routine brightfield,  DIC and fluorescence microscopy. This microscope is equipped with Photometric Cool SNAP HQ (monochrome) and CF (color) CCD camera.

MetaMorph (ver 7.7)  Imaging software is available  for taking images and to control the motorized microscope system  including objectives, filters and for Z-series collection. It has varies of modules for post-captured image processing and analysis including a simple deconvolution module.