Rice University

Shared Equipment Authority

X-Ray Diffractometers

The instruments in this facility are capable of performing a number of X-ray Analysis Methods including Powder Phase Analysis, Transmission Small Angle Scattering (particle size and distribution from 1 to 100 NM), Single Crystal Small Molecule Crystal Structure Analysis, Thin Film Thickness Measurement and Surface Phase Analysis, Pole Figure Mapping,  Residual Stress Analysis, Grazing Incidence X-ray Analysis, and High Resolution XRD methods.  

XRD: Rigaku SCXmini Small Molecule Diffractometer

Rigaku SCX Mini Single Crystal Small Molecule Diffractometer (SEA #104).  This instrument performs single crystal analysis of inorganic and organic crystals with structural unit cell dimemension of up to 35 Angstroms considered Small Molecule Crystallography.  The instrument software, Crystal Clear 2.0, is a user friendy, menu driven, step by step process which is easy to follow through the sequence of collecting high quality data.

XRD: Rigaku D/Max (EAST) Ultima II Powder XRD 6s

Rigaku D/Max Ultima II (SEA#106) configured with a vertical theta/theta goniometer, Cu Ka radiation, graphite monochromator, and scintillation counter.The instrument is capable of conducting routine Powder XRD Analysis.  It is configured with a 6-position Automatic Sample Changer, allowing multiple samples to be measured automatically in sequence.  However, its capability of adopting large samples are limited.  If you have an irregular sample, try D/Max WEST instead. Sample holders available include Standard Aluminum Disc and Zero Background type.