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ARES G2 Rheometer

Keck 232C- Pasquali lab

The TA Instruments ARES G2 Rheometer is capable of quantifying the rheological and mechanical properties of a broad class of materials, including viscous liquids, viscoelastic materials, and solid samples. Rheological and mechanical analysis can be carried out with temperature control (from -150 C to 600 C) and in a variety of geometries including parallel plate and rheological measurements at a liquid/liquid or gas/liquid interface.

Testing modes include oscillatory (strain and frequency sweeps), creep and recovery, and transient stress relaxation measurements.

The ARES G2 is also capable of dynamic mechanical analysis of solid samples. DMA measurement modes include 3-point bending tests, film and fiber tension measurements, compression, and axial extension testing. Additional accessories enable electro-rheological measurements and UV curing measurements.

Accessories included with this instrument include: the Air Chiller System 3 and forced convection oven for temperature control, double wall ring system for interfacial rheology, standard rheological geometries, and geometries for dynamic mechanical analysis.

A form providing experimental information must be submitted for each type of experiment that will be conducted on the rheometer.  See below for the form.

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This is a closed group. Only a group administrator can add you.
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9 AM
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5 PM
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Max Weekly Prime Hours: 
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Training Contact: 
Elie Bengio (eab1@rice.edu), Lauren Taylor (lwt1@rice.edu) or Morgan Barnes (mg69@rice.edu)
Rice U Fee: 
$15/hr prime, $8/hr nonprime
Non-Commercial / Academic Fee: 
$23.50/hr prime, $12.50/hr nonprime
Corporate / Commercial Fee: 
$75 / hour