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Centrifuge: BC Avanti J-E

BRC 710

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This compact, energy-efficient centrifuge delivers performance while saving valuable laboratory space. Ideal for cellular, genetic, or protein analysis. Features include a powerful, high-torque switched reluctance (SR) drive for fast separations, two acceleration and three deceleration rates, and a maintenance-free partial vacuum system that reduces friction on the rotor to generate less heat and consume less energy. Set Temperature Range: –10 to 40°C (14 to 104°F) in 1° increments

Rotors available:

JLA 9.1000 – Fixed-angle rotor, Maximum speed = 9,000 rpm (16,800 x g), Holds 4 x 1L bottles JA-10 – Fixed-angle rotor, Maximum speed = 10,000 rpm (17,700 x g), Holds 6 x 500 mL bottles or 6 x 250 mL bottles w/ adapters JA-20 – Fixed-angle rotor, Maximum speed = 20,000 rpm (48,400 x g), Holds 8 x 50 mL bottles

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Miguel Betancourt - mab19@rice.edu
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$5 / hour
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$7.85 / hour
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$25 / hour