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Microscope: JEOL 2100 Field Emission Gun Transmission Electron Microscope

COX Rm120

The JEM-2100F is an advanced Field Emission Electron Microscope featuring ultrahigh resolution and rapid data acquisition. The JEM 2100F is a next generation TEM that simplifies atomic level structural analyses in biology, medicine, and materials sciences as well as the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries.

The JEM-2100F has been developed to achieve the highest image quality and the highest analytical performance in the 200kV class analytical TEM with a probe size under 0.5nm. The new side-entry goniometer stage provides ease of use tilt, rotation, heating and cooling, programmable multi-point settings--all without mechanical drift. It is equipped with STEM, MDS, EDS, GIF, and CCD-cameras.

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Max Daily Prime Hours: 
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Training Contact: 
Wenhua Guo, whguo@rice.edu, ext. 8420Only experienced TEM users can request training on this instrument.
Rice U Fee: 
$60/hr (Training: $120/hr)
Non-Commercial / Academic Fee: 
$94/hr (Training: $188/hr)
Corporate / Commercial Fee: 
$300/hr (Training: $405/hr)