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Microscope: JEOL 6500F Scanning Electron Microscope

Dell Bucher 160A

for compositional and topographical imaging. The 6500F has a high speed electrostatic beam blanker and is configured for electron beam lithography via the Nabity NPGS system. Lithography resolution is approximately 20 nm.

Schedule rules:  

1. Users may only sign up for time starting at 10:00 am, up to two weeks in advance.  Weekend time will be available starting on the Friday two weeks before.


2. Users may not reserve more than 10 total hours per week, running Sunday through Saturday, on each SEM.


3.Users may not reserve more than 4 prime time hours per day on each SEM.


4.Appointments made within 48 hours of their use do not count against these totals.

This is a closed group. Only a group administrator can add you.
This is a closed group. Only a group administrator can add you.
Max Daily Prime Hours: 
Use Prime hours: 
Max Weekly Hours: 
Max Weekly Prime Hours: 
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Training Contact: 
Training consists of 2-3, 2 hour sessions spread out over 3 weeks.  To begin training, contact a super-user or Gang Liang(gang.liang@rice.edu ext 3626).  Once training begins, you may request access to the room from Gang Liang.  Specifically, key card access is required.
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