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Microscope: Nikon A1-Rsi Confocal

BRC Room 216

Nikon A1-Rsi is a confocal system equipped with a unique hybrid confocal scan head with 5 highly sensitive PMT (4-fluorescences and 1-transmitted light) detectors and a 32-channel PMT spectral detector for 400-750nm bandwith. The system allows increased light detection efficiency and has a standard high-resolution confocal galvano mode (up to 4096 x 4096 pixels) as well as a high speed resonant mode capable of scanning 420 fps at 512 x 32 pixels (30fps at 512x512 pixels).

The system is mounted on a Nikon Ti-E widefield, inverted, fluorescence microscope with DIC/Phase of 10X, 20X, 40X and 60x dry/oil/water immersion optics. It has 7 laser lines, comprises of diode lasers (for 405 nm, 561nm and 640 nm) and argon multi laser lines (for 457/477/488/514nm). Enhanced Spectral Imaging allows fast spectral imaging at 16 fps (512 x 64 pixels) and real-time Spectral Unmixing.

The Nikon A1-Rsi is designed for live cell imaging using Okolab environmental chamber to regulate temperature and air/CO2/N2. It has Nikon’s Perfect Focus System (PFS) to maintain focus on sample by compensating for thermal drifts and Prior motorized stage for tiling large areas and multi-point mark and find (high-content imaging) with various stage adapters for different type of petri-dishes, slides and multi-well plates. The system can also be used for Reflectance Confocal Microscopy technique.

Nikon NIS Elements C imaging software allows users to perform real-time FRAP, FLIP, FRET, calcium imaging (with appropriate dyes), photo activation/stimulation, high-content and time-lapse live cell imaging as well as data management and various analysis. It also works with TIFF-exported files from other platforms such as Zeiss ZEN/LSM, Leica or Olympus.

A separate off-line desktop version of NIS-Element for image analysis and processing can be booked at lower fee.

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8 AM
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8 PM
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 Dr. A. Budi Utama. ext 713 348 8232 or email budiutama@rice.eduTraining takes 3 sessions. The first session is 2 - 3 hours of training, and the second session is about 2 hours of supervised practice. The third session takes about 1 hour to check out. It is recommended that the three training sessions be finished in two weeks and when you are ready with your own sample for experiment.Once training is complete, you may request access to the SEA suite from Meri C. Dix, meri.c.dix @rice.edu, ext. 8233. Specifically, key card access is required.
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Provisional user fee: $30/hr for peak-hours (8am-8pm) and $25/hr for off-peak hours (8pm-8am and weekends). Provisional training fee is $80/hr.
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$ 47/hr Peak, $39.25 off-peak fee
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Please ask Dr. A. Budi Utama. ext 713 348 8232 or email budiutama@rice.edu