Rice University

Shared Equipment Authority

Microscope: Zeiss Axioplan2

George R Brown West 125C

This upright motorized microscope is capable in taking routine brightfield,  DIC and fluorescence microscopy. This microscope is equipped with Photometric Cool SNAP HQ (monochrome) and CF (color) CCD camera.

MetaMorph (ver 7.7)  Imaging software is available  for taking images and to control the motorized microscope system  including objectives, filters and for Z-series collection. It has varies of modules for post-captured image processing and analysis including a simple deconvolution module.

Filter cubes available: DAPI/Hoechst, CFP, YFP, FRET, FITC/GFP, Narrow band GFP,Cy3, Texas Red and Cy5.

Objectives available,
Plan Apochromat: 10X dry NA 0.45 DIC; 20X dry NA 0.75 DIC; 40X dry NA 0.95 DIC; 63X Oil NA 1.4 DIC.
Plan Neofluar: 100X Oil, NA 1.3 DIC.
Achroplan: 10X Water Ph1 NA 0.3 DIC and 40X Water Ph2 NA 0.8 Ph2.

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This is a closed group. Only a group administrator can add you.
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8 AM
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8 PM
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Max Weekly Prime Hours: 
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Training Contact: 
To request training, contact Dr. A. Budi Utama at ext. 713 348 8232 or email budiutama@rice.edu
Rice U Fee: 
$ 15/hr $30/hr for training
Non-Commercial / Academic Fee: 
$23.50/ hour, $47 /hr for training
Corporate / Commercial Fee: 
$75 / hour, $180/hr for training