Rice University

Shared Equipment Authority

Microscope: Zeiss LSM 710 Confocal

Anderson Building Room 343

The Inverted Confocal microscope system is based on Axio Observer Z1 MOT.

More specifications include:

-    6 lasers lines (405, 458, 488, 514, 543 and 633 nm).

-    PMT detector for fluorescence and transmitted/DIC light

-    Transmitted light and X-Cite fluorescence Illuminator.

-    Two galvanometric scanning confocal heads (for DIC/Phase Contrast and Fluorescence imaging).

-    Motorized stage 130x85 for x,y,z movement.

-    Master pinhole.

-    Optics: EC Plan-Neofluar 10x/0.30 WD=5.2, Plan-Apochromat 20x/0.8 WD=0.55; Plan-Apochromat 40x/0.95 Corr WD=0.25; EC Plan-Neofluar 40x/1.3 DIC WD=0.21; Plan-Apochromat 63x/1.40 Oil DIC

-    AxioCam MRm Rev.3 camera for regular transmitted/fluorescence widefield imaging.

-    Definite Focus system for longer term live cells imaging.

-    A complete on-stage (small) set of environmental control system (CO2, temperature and humidity control).

-    Anti-vibration table.

-    Zeiss ZEN 2010 software.

-    PC and 30’ monitor.

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This is a closed group. Only a group administrator can add you.
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8 AM
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8 PM
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Training Contact: 
To request training, contact Dr. A. Budi Utama at ext. 713 348 8232 or email budiutama@rice.edu.Training takes 3 sessions. The first session is 2 hours of training, and the second session is about 2-3 hours of supervised practice. The third session takes about 1 hour to check out. It is recommended that the three training sessions be finished in two weeks and when the users are ready with their own sample for experiment.
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User fees: $25/hr provisional user fee prime-time (8am-8pm) and $10/hr off-peak time (8pm-8am and weekends) . Provisional training fee is $ 70/hr.
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$ 39.25 provisional user fee prime-time (8am-8pm) and $15.65/hr off-peak
Corporate / Commercial Fee: 
Please ask Dr. A. Budi Utama. ext 713 348 8232 or email budiutama@rice.edu