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MS: Shimadzu IT-ToF LC-MS System

BRC 212

The IT-ToF is equipped with both ESI (Electrospray Ionization) and APCI (Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization) sources. The IT-ToF is a hybrid ion trap-time of flight (ToF) mass spectrometer capable of performing MS/MS experiments and making accurate mass measurements (mass resolving power is ~ 10,000 @ m/z 1000).  This instrument is interfaced with an UPLC system and is capable of performing analysis of synthetic compounds (ie. small molecules, synthetic peptides, impurity profiling, etc.) and biomolecules (ie. natural products, metabolites, peptides, proteins, oilgonucleotides, etc.). This instrument is currently operated by facility staff. It is used for performing service work and running collaboration projects. For a list of services offered and pricing please see Rice_MS_Facility_Services and Rates document. To request access, training or to scheuled time on this instrument please visit our FOM website (https://fom.rice.edu/fom/). Please contact Dr. Christopher Pennington (clp5@rice.edu) with any additional questions.

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$55 / hr
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$86.25 /hr
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$275 /hr