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SEA Co-op: Tecan M1000 Plate Reader

Keck Hall 201 (Silberg/Matthews Lab)

This instrument is part of the BRC Instrument Cooperative, and does not follow usual SEA rules. It does not use the calendar on this page, nor follow the listed limits on time used. Please contact the Faculty in Charge or the Trainer if you are part of the Cooperative and wish to be trained. For general details on the BRC Instrument Cooperative, please see here.


The M1000 Tecan with accessories allows for absorbance, fluorescence and luminescence measurements - additionally it can be used for rapid injection measurements required for luminescence analysis of samples.

Users must be trained - contact Joff Silberg (joff@rice.edu) for training - usage requires users to fill out a user agreement (found below) which requests detailed schematic information about microtiter plates used in experiments and contains instructions for basic measurements and problems to avoid - users must sign in every time that they use the instrument as well. 

This is a closed group. Only a group administrator can add you.
This is a closed group. Only a group administrator can add you.
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Joff Silberg (joff@rice.edu)