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Small Animal Imager: PerkinElmer IVIS Kinetic III

BRC Room 420C (Miller Lab)

This instrument is purchased by Drs. Miller and Farach-Carson Lab and priority booking is given to the lab members only. Please contact Dr. A. Budi Utama for further details of the instrument's booking from other labs.

The IVIS® Lumina K Series III from PerkinElmer provides a real time, fast imaging system enabling acquisition of biologically relevant events within milliseconds. The instrument can perform both quantitative luminescence and fluorescence as a standard high signal to noise imager and as a high speed imager. The system includes a highly sensitive EMCCD camera for signal enhancement and the ability to reduce exposure times enabling fast kinetics. The instrument has been incorporated with PerkinElmer's patented Compute Pure Spectrum (CPS) algorithm for special library generation software tools to ensure accurate autofluorescence removal, unmixing and fluorophore quantitation.


IVIS® Imaging System Kinetic Series includes:

• Thermoelectrically-cooled EMCCD camera. CCD operating temperature: nominal -85° C; CCD size: 1.3 X 1.3 cm; Back-thinned, back-illuminated Grade A Senso

• 50 mm f 0.95 lens

• Field of view: 5cm X 5cm to 12.5cm X 12.5cm

• Gas anesthesia inlet and outlet ports for connection with gas anesthesia machine

• Stage temperature: ambient to 40° C

• High-performance acquisition and 20-inch, high-resolution flat screen monitor

Fluorescence Module

• 10- excitation filters

• 18- emission filter

• Background subtraction capability for minimizing auto fluorescence-related signal to background issues

• CPS (Compute Pure Spectrum) spectral library generation software tools ensure accurate autofluorescence removal and fluorophore quantitation

• Software controlled excitation/emission filter selection for turnkey operation

• Top illumination for uniform sample excitation

• 150-watt quartz halogen lamp

• Low auto fluorescence fused silica fiber bundles

XGI-8 Gas Anesthesia

• Isoflurane vaporizer with independent flow control for proper gas delivery to induction chamber and the IVIS® Imaging System imaging chamber

• Isoflurane-absorbing disposable charcoal filters to absorb excess gas, as well as limit gas escaping into the surrounding laboratory environment

• Induction chamber - anesthetizes up to 5 adult mice or 2 rats simultaneously

• Ventilates excess gas automatically when lid is opened

• Raised animal floor maintains animal cleanliness during anesthetization

• 5-Port anesthesia manifold

• Delivers gas to up to 5 adult mice or 2 rats

• Ventilates waste gas from within the IVIS® Imaging System imaging chamber

• Autoclave-safe

• Transparent anesthesia manifold nose cones maintain proper animal positioning and ensure targeted gas delivery during imaging

• Light baffles maintain integrity of light signal data per animal imaged

XWS-260 Workstation

• Steel tube frame with industrial-grade particleboard shelving

• Scratch-resistant, easy-to-clean laminate surface

• Easy-rolling casters lock down quickly to prevent rolling

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