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XRD: Rigaku D/Max (EAST) Ultima II Powder XRD 6s

Dell Bucher 160

Rigaku D/Max Ultima II (SEA#106) configured with a vertical theta/theta goniometer, Cu Ka radiation, graphite monochromator, and scintillation counter.The instrument is capable of conducting routine Powder XRD Analysis.  It is configured with a 6-position Automatic Sample Changer, allowing multiple samples to be measured automatically in sequence.  However, its capability of adopting large samples are limited.  If you have an irregular sample, try D/Max WEST instead. Sample holders available include Standard Aluminum Disc and Zero Background type.  Powder XRD data analysis software includes:  Rigaku's Integrated powder XRD analysis software PDXL2;   MDI  JADE 9.6 software, and the ICDD PDF-4+ Database.   PLEASE RESERVE INSTRUMENT TIME ON THE FOM WEB SITE CALENDAR   https://fom.rice.edu/fom    THE CALENDAR ON THIS SITE IS NO LONGER ACTIVE. 

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