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XRD: Rigaku D/Max (WEST) Ultima II Powder XRD 1s

Dell Bucher 160

Rigaku D/Max Ultima II (SEA#105) configured with a vertical theta/theta goniometer, Cu Ka radiation, graphite monochrometer, and scintillation counter. This instrument is capable of conducting routine Powder XRD Phase Analysis.  Sample holders available include standard glass holders, standard back-fill aluminum, zero-background type, and special holders for bulky samples.    Data analysis software on this instrument include Rigaku's PDXL2 integrated powder XRD analysis software,  JADE 9.6 powder XRD data processing software,  and the ICDD PDF-4+ database.   PLEASE RESERVE INSTRUMENT TIME ON THE FOM WEB SITE CALENDAR   https://fom.rice.edu/fom    THE CALENDAR ON THIS SITE IS NO LONGER ACTIVE.  

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