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XRD: Rigaku SCXmini Small Molecule Diffractometer

Dell Butcher 370

Rigaku SCX Mini Single Crystal Small Molecule Diffractometer (SEA #104).  This instrument performs single crystal analysis of inorganic and organic crystals with structural unit cell dimemension of up to 35 Angstroms considered Small Molecule Crystallography.  The instrument software, Crystal Clear 2.0, is a user friendy, menu driven, step by step process which is easy to follow through the sequence of collecting high quality data.  This instrument is fitted with the cryogen free Rigaku X-Stream Low Temperature Cooling Device for sample cooling temperatures down to -100 C.  PLEASE RESERVE INSTRUMENT TIME ON THE FOM WEB SITE CALENDAR   https://fom.rice.edu/fom    THE CALENDAR ON THIS SITE IS NO LONGER ACTIVE.     

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This is a closed group. Only a group administrator can add you.
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9 AM
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5 PM
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Max Weekly Prime Hours: 
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Training Contact: 
Contact Jianhua Li at  jianhua.li@rice.edu  for training and schedule information.
Rice U Fee: 
$ 11 per hour
Non-Commercial / Academic Fee: 
$ 17.50 per hour
Corporate / Commercial Fee: 
$ 55.00 per hour