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If you are coming from FOM, please read the general instructions.

When done, please return to FOM and complete registering your account.  You do not need to enter financial information.

If you need a FOM account, please go to FOM and create an external user acccount.  You will be redirected to this page.  If you have read the general instructions, return to FOM and complete your registration.

General Instructions:  

You will need to download, complete, and return the Application and Agreement forms, found at the bottom of this page.

 The completed documents may be scanned and emailed to meri.c.dix@rice.edu  or brought to the SEA office in the Bioscience Research Collaborative Bldg at 6500 Main St, Rm 218, or mailed to the SEA office at


Rice University – SEA

6100 Main St, MS680

 Houston, TX  77005


If you have questions, please contact the SEA office, (713) 348-8233.