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University of Texas Health Science Center

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When done, please return to FOM and complete registering your account.  You do not need to enter financial information.

If you need a FOM account, please go to FOM and create an external user acccount.  You will be redirected to this page.  If you have read the general instructions, return to FOM and complete your registration.

General Instructions:  

You will need to contact the office of Devin Longuet, the Senior Legal Officer in UTHSC Legal Affairs, at (713) 500-3268. That office already has an SEA Agreement that has been amended specifically for UTHSC by negotiations between the legal departments of Rice University and UTHSC.

 That office will forward the executed Agreement to SEA and you will be contacted when it arrives.

 If you have any questions, please contact the SEA office at (713) 348-8233.